Your own Metaverse in minutes!
Everyone is talking about Utopia VR.

Work, collaborate, drive sales, and socialize using our web-based, mobile-friendly, 3D video conferencing platform without the need for a VR headset!
What makes Utopia VR unique?
Works On All Devices
Have a VR headset? Great! If not, no worries. You can experience Utopia’s virtual environments with any web browser.
No Downloads
There is no download or installation required! Navigate the metaverse using any browser. Easily send your unique URL to customers, friends, or work colleagues by email or direct message.
Supports Multimedia
Import documents, pictures, audios, videos, and exciting 3D objects into your virtual environment by dragging and dropping. And interact with them instantly!
Sites to Get You Started
UtopiaVR Starter Site
Electronic Cards
Sci-Fi Sites
Direct Sales
Offices Suite
Education Suite
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What our Customers Are Saying
Don't take our words for it
UtopiaVR has been outstanding to work with
“From the start, the team and platform have been easy to work with and convenient. My meetings are a breeze. I fully recommend Utopia VR for your metaverse needs.”
Nikky Starrett
Founder of Pomp & Sass
Very impressed and excited to bring UtopiaVR tech into my larger community!
“This is an awesome new way to bring more joy and easier communication and connection into my business community!”
Roberto Dacosta
CONINVR VR Networking
I just feel honoured and blessed to be here
(Dec. 9/21 UtopiaVR tour) - “I’m visionary and I see it.”
Stephanie Oden
This is like Wix meets Minecraft
“This is going to give our organizations superpowers.”
Michael Stark
I’m thrilled to be partnered up with you guys
“We're speeding into the future.”
George Madiou
The George Madiou Show
Amazing technology that you are bringing into our world
“I couldn’t be more proud to be partnered with such an amazing company..”
Russ Devan
Noble Goldman
What is a VRoom?
We call our unique VR rooms “VRooms”. When you create a VRoom, you choose one of our many environments for the virtual space. The number of VRooms and guests you can have, and the environments available depend on your subscription plan. Once you have created a VRoom, you can access it and share its link whenever you want.
A Meetup is, like it sounds, a scheduled meeting. When scheduling a Meetup, you choose a VRoom you have already created to host it, set the time, add your guests, and send out the invite!
Showcase Your Business With Your Own Metaverse.
Looking to create a metaverse presence unique to your brand or offering? No problem! Our world-class creative team can custom-build any 3D environment using many, if not all of your existing 2D assets. Use the Contact Us button below and let’s get that conversation started.