Start Building YOUR MetaVeRse

Cory Braden, CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
From the desk of:
Cory Braden
Chief Technology Officer

Hello there Utopia VR MetaVeRse community!

I am excited to reach out to all of our subscribers, partners and friends to give you an update on what’s going on with our platform plus some of the really cool things our users are doing with the tools. I will also give a preview of things coming later this year, as we continue to make Utopia VR the go-to to start building YOUR metaverse while engaging with your customers and colleagues.

The Metaverse represents the next evolution of the internet, where users are represented by 3D caricatures called avatars. Visitors can take part in rich multimedia experiences in beautifully designed 3D environments that look and feel much like a video game.


With Utopia VR, one big advantage to our approach is that it is 100% web-based technology. It’s a standard URL you can share in email or text messages, users start from their familiar browser to access the full 3D environment, so a standard PC or mobile devices can have a full-featured 3D experience, and users with specialized VR headsets like Oculus or Vive will experience your VRooms in true virtual reality.

All of the functionality people have come to expect from their web meeting tools are built-in and ubiquitous in our environments. Communication tools and protocols, including:

The awesome thing about our VRooms is that all of these tools are built into our platform and accessible right from within your rich 3D spaces, running inside a single browser tab. This means everyone in the VRoom gets to view and experience the content, together at the same time, and you can communicate and discuss the content right there inside the application. This is where the browser melts away, and you’re not flipping tab to tab to try to stay on the same page with the rest of your meeting group. Everyone gets to comment and give feedback on that new 3D product model or video edit, right there in real-time. These are powerful use cases that were impossible a short time ago but are literally built-in to Utopia VR and at your fingertips.


Remote work / Agile office

Our platform was literally built with and for remote work. That’s the use case that kicked it all off for Utopia more than two years ago, and when the pandemic hit, we realised more than we had imagined that remote and hybrid working conditions would just become part of our new normal. Since the first version of our VRooms was in alpha, we stopped using Zoom and literally built the entire company and platform using our own VRooms for remote collaboration. We’ve grown our team to 15+ people, using the software multiple times a day to have team meetings, scrums, sales demos, presentations and so much more. In the VRooms, you have all the tools you need right at your fingertips to collaborate better than any competing meeting solution out there. Hanging out in VRooms and interacting with each other as avatars have led to us not having any of the ‘zoom fatigue’ or other social hang-ups that video conferencing can cause for so many.

Clubhouse presentations

Influencers and brand ambassadors can host engaging VIP discussions where a select panel or group can be in attendance inside a VRoom, while up to 200 non-participant observers can attend and even ask questions in chat for the panel to address as they see fit.

This is similar to how an influencer might use Clubhouse, for example, to curate their audience into the right mix of participants and audience. Need to reach an even wider audience, you can use streamer mode in concert with services like Twitch or Youtube to live stream your event out to the masses.

Brand awareness  & Product showcase

Use your VRooms to showcase your products and services in a novel and engaging way. The future is here when it comes to getting into the Metaverse, and brands are scrambling to figure out how they will make it work for them. From NFT galleries to 3D product showrooms, VRooms provide a great way to display, interact with and sell your stuff. Your customers can visit the showroom to browse products on their own, or you or your sales associates can host sessions for hands-on demonstrations.


The easiest way to begin using Utopia VR today is to choose one of our subscription plans that come with a number of unique environments that act as ‘templates’ or starting points for your Metaverse. Our plans contain packs of environments with lots of variety in theme and functionality, giving you the freedom to choose the right vibe, and setting the tone for your new meeting space.

Like so many parts of the internet, if a service is free, your attention or your content is the product. Not so with us! Utopia VR’s approach with our paid packages is more akin to traditional web hosting, where you are in complete control of your space, the content and the access to it. You are not playing in someone else’s sandbox. You get to set the rules for your space.


  • Full body avatars: giving you more ways to express yourself and stand out in the crowd.
  • The in-app friend list: makes it easier to find where your contacts are in the metaverse, and either join them or pull them into your space.
  • Notifications: Know when friends are active or when people are engaging with your VRooms or products and more!
  • Dynamic room scaling: where your VRooms will be capable of taking overflow traffic when you make that perfect social media post and you get more visitors than you expected.

Throughout the rest of the year, we will be releasing some exciting updates and enhancements to the product, specifically on tools that make collaboration, socialising and hosting meetups and events even easier and more engaging.


So likely by now, you can see what our platform has to offer, and envision a use for it in your organization or day-to-day collaboration. Whether you’re an IT team, looking to spruce up your next agile stand-up meeting, or a sales rep or influencer, looking to engage with your audience and present your brand in new and exciting ways, your own VRooms in the metaverse, powered by Utopia VR is the solution. Reach out today, and schedule a demo tour. We’d love to hear about your goals for bringing your business into the next era of the web, and we are here to help you achieve them!