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IT EXPO Fort Lauderdale 2023

IT EXPO Fort Lauderdale 2023


February 14-17, 2023

With Utopia VR, businesses can quickly, easily, and cost effectively adopt metaverse solutions such as virtual offices, where businesses can create a digital presence allowing employees and customers to interact in a fully-immersive environment.

Join our VP of Sales and Marketing, Terry Woloszyn at the IT EXPO. Where he will be speaking twice:

February 14th at 2:15pm for a panel discussion with Jon Arnold titled :
Brave New World, Part 1 – Augmented and Virtual Reality.
Future of Work Room 204

The Future of Work will be defined along many vectors, and immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) are among the most interesting. As digital natives come to dominate the workforce, the possibilities for these technologies beyond gaming become more compelling. Adoption of all new technologies is driven by use cases, and with Future of Work, there will be many. As businesses look to find new ways to engage employees with hybrid work, as well as to create deeper connections with customers, this brave new world has much to offer. Much has changed since we examined this topic in 2022, and we’ll provide an update on both where and how these technologies are being deployed now in the workplace.

February 15th, 2023 from 12:30-1:15PM on stage A
Business Metaverse Adoption Roadmap
Enterprise Metaverse Room 202

Watch the session here

This discussion introduces strategies and tactics for business adoption of the Metaverse. This roadmap of adoption explores Metaverse use cases that are both cross-industry and industry-specific. A key starting point is how to enable Work From Anywhere by introducing a Hybrid Reality Office strategy that enables workers to be in their physical and virtual offices at the same time.

This session covers design, implementation, adoption, and technology selection, as well as how to measure success, such as increased productivity, collaboration, and competitiveness while reducing costs, and “Zoom fatigue.”


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