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My Account On The Mobile App
My Account On The Mobile App
This is the section of the app you are routed to upon account creation or log in – this will provide some marketing banners at the top as well as any created VRooms and Meetups. There is also a handy ‘Meet Now’ button available which allows you to create a room right from the main screen.
My VRooms
When you create a meetup with a new scene, you create a new VRoom that can be found here. These are separate from meetups, and can be joined at any time unless the room has been closed. If you swipe on the room, you see two options: ‘Details’ or ‘Delete’. Selecting ‘Details’ will provide you with the option to Visit VRoom, Meetup in this VRoom, or Share this VRoom.
My Meetups
In this area, you are able to join meetups (virtual rooms). Upon first login, you will not have any created meetups, you’ll have to create one first. Meetups expire after 24 hours, but any created rooms will be in My VRooms. If you tap on the Edit Icon, it will show the same options as Details had in My VRooms, and you can also swipe on the room to show Edit or Delete.
My Contacts
The My Contacts section holds all of the individuals you have added as attendees from the mobile app or website. When you get to this section, you will see Individuals highlighted with Add Contact in the top right corner. You will be able to see all individual contacts listed here and add any one you wish. You can manage your contacts here or move to Groups to bundle contacts together so it’s easier to invite multiple individuals at once. To do so, you would click the Groups option and then Add Group which will allow you to create a Group that you can add members to. In the future, you can edit this group to add or remove any additional members.
Share Utopia VR
In this section, you are provided with a custom link that can be shared with people you know to earn commission with our Affiliate Program. You can learn more about the Affiliate Program and how the dashboard works here.