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Host A Meetup
Host A Meetup
What can I do as a host once I enter my VRoom?
As the host of a room, you have the ability to adjust a few room settings such as room name or size (by default, there is a max of 25 individuals able to enter a room at one time). You are also able to adjust various other permissions for users in the room such as flying, drawing, or pinning objects.


To bypass the max number of individuals allowed in the room, users can enter a room in spectate mode. As a host, you can allow spectators to change their view in the room if you turn on Ghost View in the Moderator Menu, otherwise they will get a stationary view of the room.


Alternatively, if you activate Streamer Mode in the Moderator Menu, spectators will be able to see your point of view which allows you to take them through the room and show them around without their intervention.


You can create a portal for yourself or others to go through by pasting the link to another room in the Objects window.


Lastly, as a moderator, you can record your room session. Clicking the Record button will start to record your room session and clicking it again will stop it and download it to your computer. If you exit the room by closing the tab or clicking Leave, the recording will not stop and download.