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Customize Your VRoom
Customize Your VRoom
Using The Pen
Once you’ve entered a room, you are able to interact with objects. Starting with our Pen, which allows you to draw in a 3D space by clicking your left mouse button while dragging on the screen; drawing on the screen with your finger; or with your VR trigger.
At any time, you can change the colour of your pen by pressing Shift and Q/E on your keyboard or pressing left/right on your VR thumbstick.
You can change your pen size by holding shift while moving your mouse wheel or up and down on your VR thumbstick, and undo any drawing by tapping Ctrl + Z on your keyboard or B/Y button on your VR controller.
Upload Files
If you select Place > Object, you are able to upload any supported file type (at this time only glb, png, jpg, gif, mp4, and mp3 are accepted).
You can also create a portal for yourself or others to go through by pasting the link to another room in the Objects window.

Once you’ve created an object with the pen, or uploaded objects with import, you are able to interact with a menu by hovering over the object on your computer; tapping the screen with two fingers on your mobile device; or by holding the centre of the right touchpad on your VR joystick.
You can adjust an object’s size or orientation by clicking the below icons:
You can then pin an object, locking into your environment, blocking others from moving or deleting it, and prevents it from disappearing when you leave the VRoom.
While interacting with an object, you will notice blue borders representing media frames. You can snap objects into these designated areas easily by moving the object into the blue frame.
Lastly, you can also click the trashcan to delete the object overall (if it is pinned, you will have to unpin it first).