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Create a VRoom or Meetup
Create A VRoom or Meetup
How do I create a VRoom?

In order to create meetups, you must first create a new VRoom. To start, click Create New VRoom in the top right hand corner. When clicked, a window will open with options to select an Environment and edit the VRoom name. The Environment drop down will provide a list of rooms available – this is what your room will look like when loaded. The VRoom Name is a required field and is customizable. Once you’ve completed these selections, you can click ‘Create VRoom’ to create your virtual room. 

Now that your room has been created, you are able to join it or create a meetup.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you delete any of your existing VRooms, they will be gone from your account permanently.

How do I create a Meetup?

Once you have created a VRoom, you are able to create a Meetup. To start, go to the Meetups tab and click the Create New Meetup button. In the window that opens, the first option is a dropdown list titled Room. This drop down will provide you with a list of any previously created VRooms to select from. The next step, Meetup Name, is a required field for you to customize.

For the Meeting Time, you are able to select Now or Schedule; if Schedule is selected a date and time option will appear for you to choose from. 

Lastly, you have the option to invite individuals to your room – enter their email address into the final field and click Enter on your keyboard to have them added (in future room creations, their email will appear as an option to select in the Invite Contacts area). Once you’ve entered every email, you can click Create Meetup to create your virtual room. When you click this, the page reloads with your new Meetup available to enter and all individuals invited will receive an email with a link to the room for them to join.

Now that your room has been created, you are able to join it by clicking Go to Meetup. This will open your room in a new tab.