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Create A VRoom On The Mobile App
Create A VRoom On The Mobile App
How do I create a VRoom?
In the app, there are a few ways to create a room. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to review the ‘Meet Now’ option shown below in the Home tab.
Once Meet Now is selected, the first section will appear prompting you to select a Scene from the available environment packs.
The Meetup Name is a required field and automatically fills in the name of the Scene but is customizable. For the Meeting Time, you are able to select ‘Now’ or ‘Schedule’; if ‘Schedule’ is selected a date and time option will appear for you to choose from.
Lastly, you can tap to invite attendees to your session or skip altogether. If you do wish to invite attendees, all Contacts and Contact Groups will be available to select from. Once you’ve selected or entered every email, you can click ‘Submit’ to create your virtual room. When you click this, the app reloads to the home screen with your new Meetup available to enter and all individuals invited will receive an email with a link to the room for them to join.
Now that your room has been created, you are able to join it by clicking on the Room icon from the home page and then Visit VRoom. This will open your room in a new tab on your mobile browser.