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Audio Issues
Audio Issues
Choppy Audio
Choppy sounding audio could indicate that your device/network is having trouble with the complexity of the room. This could be because of the complexity of objects in the scene, or the number of other room members present. If you are on a mobile phone, you may find audio quality and performance improves if you enter the room from a more powerful device, such as a computer.
Can’t Hear
A connectivity issue may result in one person in the room being unable to hear one or more other participants in a space. We first recommend that you confirm that you can hear other sounds in the room (for example, the sound an object makes when you add it to the room, a video in the room, or the chat sound) and that your room audio preferences aren’t set to 0 volume. Also confirm that you are not muted and that you have allowed microphone permissions for VRooms. If you aren’t getting any audio at all, try reconnecting to the room with a different audio output device. If you are willing, we also ask that you fill out this form with network connectivity logs, which will help us diagnose system issues related to audio and connectivity.
Wired Headset Issues
If your wired-in headset isn’t connecting, we recommend checking the following:

  • Does your browser support WebVR? (we recommend Firefox for wired-in WebVR experiences).
  • Is your browser up to date?
  • Do you have SteamVR (Vive / Windows Mixed Reality) or Oculus App (Rift) installed and up to date?
  • Does your VR headset require other supporting software (e.g., Windows Mixed Reality Portal)? Is this installed and up to date?
  • If you are using Windows Mixed Reality, have you also installed the Steam VR tooling for WMR headsets?
  • Is your browser using the same graphics card as the VR Headset?
Room Echo
Echo may occur if a participant is not wearing headphones. You can ask participants to mute their mic when they are not speaking, or as a room moderator you can mute them yourself in their avatar menu. You can also reduce the volume of the user in their avatar menu. See VRooms Features for more information.
Mic Issues
If no sound is being picked up from your voice, first check that your mic is properly plugged in and that you selected the right mic in the browser permissions (typically to the left of the address bar). If it is still not working, you may need to look in the privacy and security settings on your computer to ensure that mic permissions are not being blocked. If it still does not work, try in another browser. VRooms works best in Firefox and Chrome, but it also runs on Edge and desktop Safari.

If the mic is picking up your voice but it sounds distorted. Check you aren’t using a bluetooth headset mic, as these do not always work well with browser-based tools.