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Hybrid Office

Shaping The Future of Work!

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Businesses need workers together, regardless of physical location


  • Utopia VR let's workers be anywhere, while also be in a virtual office together.
  • Provides a sense of "office presence" for businesses, enabling workers to feel connected regardless of physical location.
  • Enables a collaborative work environment that is more productive, and more enjoyable for everybody.

Simply walk up to each other and start a conversation - literally re-creating a “water cooler” level of interaction again.


  • Utopia VR allows co-workers to easily converse as if they were in the same physical location, creating a sense of informal interaction.
  • Allows hybrid meetings for both physical and virtual attendance, making it suitable for training, presentations, and more.




Workers can share screens, apps, documents, whiteboards, and more, without having to launch additional collaboration tools.


  • Utopia VR allows in-verse comprehensive sharing of information and resources.
  • Is ideal for regular meetings and scrums, particularly in engineering.
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