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Utopia VR offers remote work business solutions

Utopia VR is making business fun!

Do you have Zoom fatigue? Have you had enough of boring teleconferences? Host your remote business meetings and teleconferences in a more engaging, collaborative way.

How does it work?

Utopia offers a selection of business and casual room options that you can select, and we host your private meetings for free on our servers.

Utopia’s VR chatrooms are designed for every headset and browser, but you can use Utopia’s rooms without the need for any additional technology. It is as easy as sending a link for your room to another party or multiple parties by text, email, or by posting on your social media to enable someone to be in your own private room within seconds.

Utopia VR Solutions

Utopia is continually growing its selection of VR world environments to enhance the customer and client experience.

Utopia offers a large selection of business focussed virtual rooms to select from such as an executive board room, private office, conference room, theatre, restaurant, or even your own private Island.

From the start-up entrepreneur, professional worker, business manager, salesperson, business coaches, and trainers to the independent corporate executive Utopia offers a Global teleworking solution.


Custom Themed VRoom Designs

ZombieLandVR.com is an iconic zombie experience featuring a heart-pounding interactive, fully immersive virtual reality (“VR”) themed environment.

As participants walk through the foggy street at night, they must keep watch for attacking zombies that may emerge from houses or appear suddenly from behind parked cars.

Zombie Land VR is the first in a series of themed VR experiences to enter the entertainment and sports industry.

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